Thursday, June 13, 2013

when God moves you

Fifteen years ago, God laid a dream on my husband's heart. Last December, He made it quite clear now was the time for David to pursue that dream.

Two years ago, I began praying that we would move - a desire placed there by God, whispers of greater dreams to come. Tuesday, this was planted in our front yard.

And the emotions swirl.

Excitement. Apprehension. Sadness. Joy. Gratitude. Plus many times of questioning our sanity...if we're doing the right thing.

Because for the past nine years, God has blessed us with a beautiful home with a made-for-kids backyard on an idyllic street. A home which has accommodated our growing family and changing interests and comfortably welcomed in many, many family and friends over the years.

It's hard to shed the second skin.

It's harder when you are shedding that second skin for a much smaller one. (At least, we think it will be much smaller. We're waiting for the final word from God on that one).

But when God moves you, the skin which once fit so well begins to chaff.

So we shed this skin in faith that God has a better one in store. Skin more suited to these God-sized dreams we've been dreaming. It may take a little getting used to, but we can trust our Maker - the One who is in the business of trading our fig leaves for cloth designed and wrought by Him.