31 Days of Deep Love Diving

For the month of October, I'm joining the The Nester and a community of bloggers in a challenge to write on one topic for 31 days. And I'm diving headfirst into the deep pool of God's measureless love. Here's why:
  • my dad is having heart surgery on October first and love is a matter of the heart -
  • it's a month filled with birthdays, including mine which I have love-hate relationship with
  • it's the month of my wedding anniversary and a family wedding and we are wedded to God in love
  • the theme for my MOPS group this year is "Plunge: love like your life depends on it"
  • I kinda think God's serious when He says love Him and love others as myself, so this is a personal challenge to learn what He means by these words
  • God has a lot to say about love which might help out immensely on the 31 days of consecutive writing thing
Here's an overview of what's to come (which includes the theme song for the month). I'll be updating this page with the links to each day's post though October so if you miss a day or two, you can view everything in one place.

Week 1 Deep Love Diving Challenges
Day 1: A Matter of the Heart
Day 2: Loved Outrageously
Day 3: When the Surgeon Fixes your Heart
Day 4: Something Easily Overlooked 
Day 5: FMF, Love and Pumpkin Pecan Energy Bars 
Day 6: Love God, Love Others (Printables)
Day 7: Sunday Soundtrack
Week 2 Deep Love Diving Challenges
Day 8: Heart and Soul  
Day 9: Next Best Thing and a CrazyLove Giveaway
Day 10: Laughing Lifts
Day 11: Soul Shaping 
Day 12: FMF, Running Toward Love {and Applesauce} 
Day 13: When the Reality Takes Longer Than the Writing
Day 14: Sunday Soundtrack
Week 3 Deep Love Diving Challenges
Day 15: This I Understand (I Think)
Day 16: When Your Daughter Feels Like the Enemy
Day 17: Loving the Other Party 
Day 18: Out to Love
Day 19: FMF, Looking to Love and an Autumn Bread Recipe
Day 20: Know God {a Printable}
Day 21: Sunday Soundtrack
Week 4: Deep Love Diving Challenges
Day 22: Because it's not About the Biceps 
Day 23: Why it Takes Strength to Walk
Day 24: The Fastest Way to God 
Day 25: Loving Those You May Never Meet  
Day 26: Imagine  if Jesus had us Remember Him with These {Vegan Cinnamon Rolls}  
Day  27: My Favorite Three Ways to Love a Stranger
Day 28: Sunday Soundtrack
Day 29: Six Loving Yourself Secrets
Day 30: How Love Grows Your Prayers

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