Thursday, October 4, 2012

day 4: something easily overlooked

Revelation: God is kind.

It's one of the simplest truths of God that I easily forget. It struck me as I was reading this well-known passage. Love is kind and God is love so God is kind. He is kind. I need to soak that in. For a long time I felt like God was a task-master ready to crack the whip if I didn't hop to it. Even now I need to guard against the task-master lie that Satan is oh-so-ready to taunt me with.

But God is kind. And the Bible doesn't just say it here. It says it here and here and here and here and if you need your heart sprinkled with the message that God is kind, you can go here to see all the places this simple, glorious message is proclaimed.

God is kind. Soak it in. Then use that truth to shape your relationship with Him, with yourself and with others. 

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The challenge: Pick a Scripture to meditate upon and memorize.

God's Word is His greatest gift to us because it's tangible - we can turn to it continually in our hours of need and doubt for affirmation of His heart toward us. And when we hide His Word in our heart, it helps keep us from sin (perhaps having God's Word stored could have helped Eve). Here's the verse I'm mediating on and memorizing today. Will you share the one God lays on your heart that we might all be reminded and encouraged?

The challenge: Send a card to someone you love.

I love receiving cards in the mail. All the social media, emails and ecards have nothing on a card or letter pulled from a brightly colored envelope, inked with one-of-a-kind handwriting. Yet I'm horrible about returning the favor (partly because the environmentalist in me protests against killing trees). Today I will change that. And if it kicks off a lifetime habit of card sending, the post office can rejoice too. 

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