Thursday, March 13, 2014

january :: february

January 2014: snow, snow,snow; not one full week of school the whole month (!) due to cold/snow days and scheduled days off; training as a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) Children's Leader for me; huge snow piles; visits to the pond at Dad & Mom's to feed the ducks and geese; Dave entering his second year in the Master's program; continued work on the house rehab; many times of feeling anxious and overwhelmed balanced by lots of sledding down hills and some cross country skiing

January 2013: It's hard to believe that a year ago, Dave started the Master's program full time and we only beginning to prayerfully consider whether to sell our other house. I remember praying that we would move by the end of February, but am so thankful God didn't move us until July!

finding beauty in the sunsets despite the frigid temperatures

this was after one brief thaw - the massive snow pile gave the kids a leg up for climbing the tree

a skating party?

February 2014: more snow and cold; squeezing in some more sledding; winter hikes on a river bed, sliding down steep hills on our bottoms, walking out on the lake, the kids learning the joys, and dangers, of tunneling into snow banks - this was the first time in years we had enough snow to even make a snow bank!; traveling to celebrate Nan's 90th birthday with a pit stop at Niagara Falls on the way home; Brie, Reese & Luke starting Tae Kwon Do; looking back at the pictures, it's hard to believe how much snow we had!

February 2013: We began preparing the house to move although we 100%  "there" on selling it; I was preparing for my first mission trip into the city and learned so much about urban missions; God was really using the BSF study we were doing on Genesis to speak to my heart about this new adventure He had us on of a major change in direction for Dave and moving homes.

And to think God washes us whiter than snow!

ready for another run

apparently, a toppled tree makes for an amusing shelter :)

I've heard of giving bunny ears in a picture, but this is a little ridiculous ;)

I've got cabin feveeeeeerrrrrr!

Nan & Moses on our walk at Crawford Lake before the birthday celebration

C'mon Jack

cousins sitting on a lizard

my first time seeing Niagara Falls frozen like this - it reminded me of meringue

and the American side view

Reese who? (taken at the Hershey store at the Falls)