Wednesday, February 19, 2014

snow and the beach

Here we are nearing the end of February and we still have snow on the ground. It's been here since New Year's-ish (I'm not counting that one 40 degree day when most of it disappeared ;) ). A record by far.

And am I complaining about it? No way! Our kids have finally discovered the joys, and been warned of the dangers, of burrowing into snowbanks. As one who grew up knowing the delights of playing in the snow, I never thought I'd need to teach this to our children. 

With another day off school yesterday, I decided to take the kids to the beach. I think this was a winter first for me. :)

a view from up top..see how far the lake is frozen?

really? so disappointed. we brought our towels and everything 

walking on water...just like Jesus...well maybe not exactly like Him

usually we're up to our knees at this point

and so begins a game of piling on one another...

fun, right?

lots of smiles?

not exactly. there's always a few tear. do you think Brie & Ben will be happy I captured this on camera?

I find it hard to grumble about snow. The way it silently falls to the ground transforming the world in a wash of white. It's a transformation that reminds me how Jesus washes us whiter than snow when we believe Him for His sacrifice on the cross to cleanse us from all impurity caused by our sin.

And when the sun shines, it dazzles and I find it much harder to be depressed on blueskysnowwhite days.

However, I did grumble about the lack of full school weeks we endured when I felt like I did just before we put the kids back into the school system after a stint of homeschooling (not that this should deter any of you who are considering homeschooling, it just wasn't where the Lord wanted us to be so He challenged us to rethink the public school system). I also find it easier to grumble in the winter we're used to having. Days of damp, dingy, slushy streets with teases of snow or spring but never lasting long enough to give full reprieve. 

 It's all about to end soon though with a mild, rainy forecast...