Tuesday, May 8, 2012

all i want for mother's day

Randomly, about a month ago, I began to think about how I would answer the kids if they asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. Even now I don't really know what caused me to think about it as it's not a day where I expect anything from Dave or the kids (as opposed to my birthday where I would definitely be bummed out if it wasn't marked in some special way).

Anyway...as I thought about that question I decided the only thing I want is a day free from arguments (and, in shooting for the moon lets throw in no yelling, disobeying or crying...unless its happy crying). It's one area that's been grating on me lately - the refereeing of arguments, the mental debate as to when I step in and when to let them "work" it out. A day filled with peace and joy and free from strife sounds just about right.

Will it happen? I'm praying it does, because if we can have that one day, than there is hope that one would become two and two become four and so on.

And I wonder...what are you hoping for this Mother's Day?

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Kim said...

With 7 kids in our house who covered an 8 year span, that is all my mom used to ask for, "I just want you all to get along, and to have some peace and quiet." Thanks for the smiles and memory of that!

Have you ever read The Five Love Languages? I wish I had known about it when our girls were younger. It has given us lots of insight of the best way for them to feel loved so they are not looking for love and attention in ways that annoy us all. :-)

Hmmm. Mother' Day. I guess it would be to spend time with my husband and daughters. But then again, one of my top languages is "Quality Time". The neat thing is my family knows that about me, and can fit my gift to my language.

Hope your Mother's Day is peaceful!

Kim said...


kendal said...

:) smiling at your wish for mother's day. seems like my kids go through stages of arguing constantly. i remember when they were little (they are teens now) sitting on the floor with them in the midst of an argument and telling them to be quiet so we could pray. and then i would pray out loud for them. for a LONG time! it helped some. calmed us all down for a few minutes anyway. hope you get your mother's day wish! what do i want? a break from fixing the food!

Dionne said...

Yes, no fighting, disobeying, etc...would be so nice. I am praying you and I both can have that for this Mother's Day. I wrote a post about my perfect Mother's day if you want to read it: http://dkarambling.blogspot.com/2012/05/mothers-day-dream.html

Hope you have a blessed week as well!

Mommy Does Everything said...

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Alicia said...

To be totally honest, a nap would be dreamy :) Or just an hour of quiet--- not real likely in a house of seven, but a mom can dream :) by the way, thanks so much for sharing your Tuesday's Tip. I posted it today. Hope you meet a few new readers who hop over to say hi!

Christina said...

I know what you mean! Peace and quiet sounds like the perfect gift:) Me--I asked for a blog makeover. We'll see:)