Friday, October 12, 2012

day 12: FMF, running toward love {and applesauce}

Because I love the Five Minute Friday community, I'm going to attempt to participate through this 31 Days and tie Lisa's prompt word to loving deeply. The "regular" 31 Days of Deep Love Diving post follows...Fridays I share a recipe along with the DLD challenges.

Five minutes on "race"... Francis Chan quoting Tim Kizziar: "Our greatest fear as individuals and as a church should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter."

Sucker punch to the gut.

Have I missed the point for so long? Have I focused more on the fear of failing the One I love more than on running after Him in a mad love dash?

And learning to love Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength...this is the question I need to be asking every minute of every day:

Am in a race to succeed at things that don't really matter?

That will mean nothing when standing before His throne.

I want to fall on my knees. And I want to run with abandon toward Him, toward the knowing of Him. Because that is the thing the really matters.  

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Most Fridays I share recipes aimed at a healthier me, healthier you and a healthier world. And as I mentioned here, I believe food and love are somehow connected - sharing a meal was one of the last things Jesus did before laying down His life for us. Which is why recipes are part of Deep Love Diving. (View all the 31 Days of Deep Love Diving posts here)

I think we've forgotten something in our culture of convenience and have-it-now easy it is to prepare some of the things we grab off a shelf without a second thought. Like applesauce.

It's probably one of the easiest comfort foods to make, you can make as much or as little as you like and it's cheaper than buying it. Oh, and also? You don't need to add sugar. The secret to great applesauce is using different varieties of apples. And if you want, add in some cinnamon or another spice.

Simply Applesauce

organic apples (at least 2 varieties)
cinnamon (optional)

potato masher

1. Peel apples and slice into pot.
2. Add a small amount of water, enough to cover the bottom of the pot.
3. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until apples are very tender.
4. Mash until desired consistency is achieved
5. If desired, flavor with cinnamon. Start with 1/4 tsp and add in 1/4 tsp increments.

This week I'm learning to love God with all my soul and loving the "poor in spirit." Want to join me? Please click here for this week's challenges.

*Images for the Deep Love Diving banners and buttons were courtesy of this site.


Denise said...

Nice post.

Misty Leask said...

Thank you for sharing! I had no idea that applesauce needed more than 1 variety! :) Blessings!

Amy said...

I love, loved your post. Sucker punch indeed! I want to run with the same abandon too -- and I'm going to keep your key question in my mind for as long as I can hold onto it.

Kimberly said...

love the questions you pose: Am in a race to succeed at things that don't really matter? will definately have to hold that up to the things that take up my time.
BTW just want apple picking and can't wait to make applesauce!

Jenn said...

Beautiful post!
Beautiful applesauce too:) There's just something about making something yourself instead of just buying just tastes better homemade!