Saturday, October 13, 2012

day 13: when the reality takes longer than the writing

Almost halfway through this project of writing for 31 days on one thing and I've come to a few conclusions:

1 I love the idea of writing with a specific focus - it helps get me through days where I don't know what to write or feel like writing.

2. Doing so for 31 consecutive days is hard.

3. Doing so for 31 consecutive days on a topic where I am challenging myself to grow in a topic area like fulfulling God's greatest commandments, well...I have no words.

If I ever plan to do something like this again, can someone please remind me to pick a topic like "31 Days of Words to Know" or "31 Days of Links" or even "31 Days of Pictures of Things I've Found on my Floor"?

feathers from a pillow
So although I was totally planning on having a printable to go with yesterday's applesauce recipe with the thought in mind of giving them away as gifts to go along with the Deep Love Diving challenges, instead I am going to practice more of this.

Because taking time to create, photograph and write about cute little tags for gifting applesauce and then actually giving them away because I want to and not because I posted about it, is taking time away from communing with God and loving the ones He gave me.

And yesterday, we spent time meeting turtles...

Pretending gunpowder horns were shofars...

Picking leaf bouquest...

Practicing our balance (I am practicing this too)...

And pretending to get married (I pretty much did the same thing to her dad ;) )


Amy Sullivan said...

I don't know how people do these 31 days. The energy and focus it takes to crank out post after post must be exhausting. However, I'm a big fan of the 31 Days of things I found on my floor! Ha.

Have a great weekend.

ps Quoted you in a post today!

Alicia said...


Love these pics of your kids! And the way you savored a simply perfect autumn day. I was reading your comment at Amy's about the longing to write without being swept away by all this technology- to write to please Jesus not blog readers. Just wanted to say AMEN. I hear you. Feel your tension. And am praying for us ALL!
Blessings on your weekend.