Thursday, October 11, 2012

day 11: soul shaping

At first I didn't think I would have much to say for today. Because, truthfully, it's really hard to be learning to love God with my heart, soul, (and in the next two weeks, with all my mind and strength) AND write about it at the same time. Not to mention all the other things needing my attention. Like feeding my family. And trying to keep our house relatively clean.

To understand this loving-Him-with-all-my-soul concept, I need more time doing this:

But the reality is that spending hours, days, weeks, months here is just is not practical. God created us to be time bound. That is the reality.  

Which means this whole learning to dive into love deeply is going to take more time. It's going to take the Eternal to step into the confines of the clock to shape my soul, and my heart, and my mind in His own time and in His own way. Good thing this is just one of His promises.

This week I'm learning to love God with all my soul and loving the "poor in spirit." Want to join me? Please click here for this week's challenges.

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