Monday, October 8, 2012

week 2 deep love diving challenges

(If you're planning on joining me for this week's challenges, I'd love to know...and to hear about your ideas and experience for loving God with all your soul and loving the "poor in spirit.")  

My focus on loving God this week is to try and understand and carry out what it means to love Him with all of my soul. If you'd like to join me in this soul-loving-God journey, here are this week's challenges (some of these can happen over the course of several days or be repeated):
  • Meditate, pray about, think on what it means to love God with all our souls
  • Offer Him some soul loving through song - whether that's singing aloud acapella or set to worship music or dancing with abandon.
  • Grab some bread and fruit of the vine and hold your own personal communion time with God. Whether this is in silence, with contemplative music playing or in reading through Jesus' last meal, let the One Who called us into communion speak to your soul.
  • Practice being quick to listen and slow to speak...both with your mouth and with your mind. 

My focus on loving others this week is to love the "poor in spirit," or to make it sound less ... depressing ... loving those who could use a little encouragement.  If you'd like to join me in loving others specifically to uplift their spirits, here are this week's challenges:
  • Send a card of encouragement
  • Let another go first
  • Send flowers
  • Share a kind word
  • Leave an encouraging message/work of art in a public place
  • Bring food to hearten another's spirits
  • Do a love stretch: push yourself to love another beyond your comfort zone  

 *Images for the Deep Love Diving banners and buttons were courtesy of this site.

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