Friday, July 15, 2011

lasting longer

Despite the intensity of raising four children who are closely spaced in age, I find myself wishing for time to inch along instead of flying by at warp speed. Perhaps then, I would be better able to remember the random, beautiful moments which arbitrarily dot our days.

Praise God for the divine inspiration of the camera and the ability to capture...

Reese teaching Ben how to water the garden.

Ben playing his favorite game of trying to open "daddy car." (Often, Ben greets me in the morning or awakening from his nap with one of three phrases: "daddy," "daddy car" or "daddy car go?"

 and Ben playing on his bike...

Incidentally, it took us three children to realize a parent push handle on a bike is an absolute must. (Because, at some point, your now independent toddler who insists they absolutely can pedal around the block, will realize half a block from home that they are reeaallly tired and can't possible pedal another inch and so you spend the rest of the walk hunched over the tricycle as you guide your child home. This will happen more than once and each time, because you love your child and have high hopes that this time they will make it the entire way, you will let them attempt to toddler version of "Le Tour.") So when Ben turned two, we requested contributions for this trike. Our backs now thank us kindly for coming to our senses. :)

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