Friday, August 26, 2011


Ben LOVES cars and trucks - any vehicle really. His word for anything bigger than a car is "huh-dah" which, I think he gets from trying to pronounce "fire truck." When we're driving, I often hear from the back seat whenever we pass a large vehicle. "Oooh, big huh-dah!" (To which we all need to respond "big huh-dah Ben" so that he knows we understood him.)

So when my parents and I took Ben for a walk at the cottage one night - he was feeling left out of the "monster" game Dave plays with the kids - a big treat was in store for him...we saw not one but three big farm vehicles reaping wheat, baling the straw and transporting it in the fields which border the gravel road leading to the cottages. I believe this was a special surprise God cooked up for Ben since He knows how hard it is to be a little guy who wants to keep up with the gang but is still a leetle to young. ;)

 bringing in the wheat

 oooh...big huh-dahs!

 what the baler left behind

 stopping to watch the hoppers going by

time to go home

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