Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the power of a positive mom

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There is something I've noticed about being a mom - my days are often filled with correction. This probably should not be such a surprise as the Bible points out this is part of our job description as parents. But I often find myself correcting from a negative standpoint..."don't do that," "stop that," "you can't [fill in the blank]," and the short, simple and well-worn, "no" "no" and "no."

Spending so much time in the negative depletes my ability to focus on the positive. So when I stumbled upon Karol Ladd's, "The Power of a Positive Mom," I knew it was a book I wanted to add to my reading list. As I began to read through the chapters, I appreciated Karol's format of ending each chapter with Scripture to look up and a way to put the principle she presented into action.

And it dawned on me this would be heaps more fun with to do with friends.

So beginning on Monday, October 10, Courtney from A Work in Progress and I will be hosting a book discussion on "The Power of a Positive Mom." We'll continue to share more details over the coming weeks about how the discussion will work.

And one final thought...
As I read Courtney's post from yesterday, I realized that was the image I wanted to encourage me through motherhood...helping my children learn the rules of the game, equipping them with the skills needed to play and then cheering them on from the sidelines, letting them make mistakes, work through challenges and experience the victory that comes by following God's Word.

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