Saturday, October 1, 2011

homeschool journal: gratitude and prayers

This week I am thankful for the structure homeschooling brings to our lives. We all have been battling colds - the kind that keeps you up at night and saps your energy during the day. So despite being foggier-of-mind, I found it helpful to have a focus to our days, to keep me on track and the kids from bouncing off the walls. In addition to the usual subjects, we managed to do our Australian animals studies on the dingo and frilled lizard. After watching this video, I think the frilled lizard is among my favorites.

Yesterday, however, I felt the nudge from God to give us all a day off. Originally, I had planned on this for next Friday in anticipation of a craft show I'm preparing for, but my Daddy knows me (and our kids) best and I'm grateful I didn't have to push through the school day given my cloudy head. 

Praying about...
This upcoming week and month. Dave begins a new job on Monday after two months of being home, which means we transition into another new season. While I tried not to rely on him to tend to Luke and Ben's needs while I schooled Brie and Reese, they inevitably spent many play hours in his home office. So with his return to an away-from-home office, my two youngest will be a little at loose ends until I get us all readjusted to a slightly modified routine.

Praying especially for ways to keep Luke and Ben entertained and the balance between having them be with us at the table and away playing by themselves.

And praying for D and me too...we both enjoyed having him home and while this job is something to be celebrated, I think we both hoped the work-from-home situation was something that would be sustainable. Perhaps in the future, but for now, it's not.

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

All the best with the upcoming changes to your week! And your husband's job! Stopping by from THMJ!