Saturday, November 19, 2011

homeschool journal

Experimenting with an unschool format is creating chaos. At least it feels that way. Perhaps it's because I find comfort in routine and I have yet to figure out the "routine" of unschooling. Which is probably why I'd better quickly focus on what we learned so a) I don't forget what we did, and, b)don't get discouraged.

For math...
  • Continued working in Horizons workbooks
  • Played Yahtzee (good for adding and multiplying)
  • Learned about importance of earning and spending money: we played Post Office (sorting clothes was our "mail" and putting them away was delivering them). The kids "earned" money based on how many clothes were sorted and put away. Then we played store where they could spend what they earned. Reinforced adding and making change concept for Brie and budgeting for Reese.
For language arts...
  • I continued to avoid using our Learning Language Arts Through Literature, though I may try and pick out some pieces that can enhance our lesson
  • We're reading "Bless This Mouse" and "Mandie and The Cherokee Legend" and listening to "The Sign of the Beaver" in the car
  • continued with workbooks in spelling and copywork (and grammar for Brie)
  • Reese continues to write and illustrate stories, mostly iterations of books he's enjoying. He loves to read and does well reading aloud with expression
For social studies/science...
  • began watching "From the Earth to the Moon"
  • starting learning about the peoples and history of Australia through reading books and coloring

In other areas...
  • worked with Brie and sewing a bag
  • had Brie help make pumpkin bread (she read the recipe and helped add ingredients)
  • Brie and Reese helped assemble items for Operation Christmas Child

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PrairieJenn said...

Sounds like some great learning experiences to me!!

As we transitioned to a less structured/unschool routine, I spent the first few weeks writing EVERYTHING down until I realized how much we were truly learning and doing. It was pretty eye opening.

As we spend time with cousins over Thanksgiving, I am seeing how far ahead my kiddos are than same age cousins with regard to many academic concepts...that's pretty cool and validates our decision to school the way we do:)