Thursday, February 16, 2012

3 gifts on thursday

A little later in the day than usual, but here it is. :)

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1. the gift of giving your brain a break
I always thought multi-tasking was a good thing - a skill to be honed, and, as a mom, necessary for survival. But then I heard a quip on the John Tesh radio show last week about the negative effects of multi-tasking on the brain and found this NY Times article on the subject from a couple of years ago. Having been in hyper-multi-task mode for the past two years and finally reaching burnout, I believe the truth of these articles. Counter-cultural though it may be, it is a gift to slow down and focus on only one thing at a time.

2. the gift of great audio stories
One of the radio stations we tune into hosts a Saturday morning children's program featuring audio stories. I love this lower-tech approach for entertainment - the stories are well done and I think it teaches our children to listen carefully and use their imaginations to picture the action and characters. Lamplighter Theater is one of the segments (you can listen to free audio clips here - find it in the middle of the page). Adventures in Odyssey is another feature and you can listen to past shows in the right column of their main page.

3. the gift of a Dayspring giveaway
My friend Courtney is hosting a Dayspring giveaway on her blog through Sunday. Visit here to enter.

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Theresa Miller said...

Wow, I love these insights. Thank you!