Saturday, April 28, 2012

i am their voice

I want to share with you an issue that is growing near and dear to my heart and an organization that is doing something about it.

The issue: slavery and human trafficking
The organization: Delicate Fortress Creations

Up until a few years ago, I always thought slavery was a thing of the past. After all it's no longer socially acceptable to kidnap people and then force them to do hard labor with little/no pay and poor living conditions. I mean, no one these days thinks that's a good/normal/just thing to do, right?


Because it is going on. All the time. The only problem is, it's much harder to spot.

And that's why Delicate Fortress Creations and the work they do is so important.

I started reading DFCs blog a couple of years ago and was captivated by Karyn's (DFCs founder) commitment and her solution to this issue. As you read her blog, you'll find yourself becoming more aware of the various issues surrounding modern day slavery and human trafficking and other organizations that are fighting for the ones with no voice.

And when you shop their store, you will proactively be joining in the fight too because DFC is all about "provid[ing] dignity, livelihood and fair wages to female artisans all over the world." After all, fair wages = a chance for women to survive without selling themselves or their children = freedom. 

To help raise awareness about DFCs work, they recently began offering an ambassador program for bloggers and businesses. So I signed up.If you have a blog or business and find this issue tugs on your heart too, visit DFC here to learn more about their ambassador program.

As a disclaimer, DFC offers its ambassadors free gifts and a small percentage of any sales generated through their unique ambassador link. So, in a sense, I will be compensated for sharing on this issue. But I would do this even if I received nothing in return because this issue is to important for me to keep silent. 

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