Monday, September 10, 2012

the habits we keep

the excessive essential packing list I wrote for our vacation
I'm developing a rather odd habit. It involves notebooks - the black speckled composition kind. I think I have at least 5 on the go now all with different titles and half creased pages throughout most of these - my way of marking different "chapters."

Many are a mish mash of journaling, prayer journaling, Bible studies, word studies, Scriptures that strike me, ideas I need to write out so I don't forget them.

It probably would be easier to write these thoughts out on a computer for easy filing. Or maybe write on loose leaf and then keep it in a binder with tabs for different topics. But there's just something about writing in a bound book. The way pen glides over paper. The warmth of touching once living, sacrificing itself so these words could pour forth. The unavoidable truth that paper and pen do not frustrate from malfunction, become obsolete and are available at moments notice when inspiration strikes. Do you find this too?

And do you have any quirky habits that have grown on you? Ones endearing and those which speak of your heart? And do they create happy chaos in your life but ground you in some way so you don't want to give them up?

recording gifts (here and in a different journal just for that purpose ;)...
  • pen to paper
  • click of keyboard
  • the brushing of hand over paper
  • notebooks for writing thoughts and capturing moods
  • the way writing connects us to God and the people who walked before us
  • Reese cuddled next to me as I write this, book in hand
  • communion under trees

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Tara Pohlkotte said...

oh, i have these quirks with writing too! Mine is that i can write best on a note pad without a binding, and THEN i firm it up to put in my journal. i need to get it a little solidified before i can put it in my journal...but i keep all of the strike-through copies in a folder because that's where the real writing happened. I also have different pens for journaling and more firmed up writing etc. i think we all get certain things that just work for us... also? i can't write directly onto the computer. my thoughts just don't flow there.

Beth Pederson said...

The gift of "the brushing of the hand over paper" ... I love this gift as it gives such a vivid description of the ability to write longhand .... love

Tereasa said...

My friends and I once discussed the dying art of journaling. I have beautiful journals from my husband's family and many, many letters from my own. There is a certain beauty in it that cannot be duplicated on a computer.

Kim said...

I think there is something almost magical that happens when we put pen to paper. We let go and let the words flow. Although I don't journal every day, I find it so helpful. I have found solutions, unearthed ideas, and seen my life through a fresh perspective-not always in a good way, but always a learning experience! I write about it quite a bit and recommend it highly!

The Creative Call, by Janice Elsheimer, is a great book on creative renewal through journaling, and growing closer to the person God designed you to be (to quote the book).

jana's three dresses said...

I never feel more at home than when I am in a book, card or paper store. The smells, the texture, written word. Such peace and comfort. Kindred spirits you and I.