Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a treat for Easter

On the outside you see a strawberry that's been sliced in half, but put back together and held in place with two toothpicks that form a cross. The strawberry is dipped in white chocolate. What you don't see is the chocolate chip that has been sandwiched between the two strawberry halves. :)

When I taught Sunday School last spring, I had prayed about a way to share the amazing love and sacrifice of God through Jesus with the children in a way that was memorable, fun, and mostly healthy. I created a booklet for the kids to share with their parents as well which explains the story behind each of the ingredients...please email me at hungerandthirst@live.com if you'd like a copy - it didn't look like I could add it as an attachment to this post.

Here's how to make the treat and what each ingredient represents:
chocolate chip: represents sin
strawberry: represents Jesus's blood. Slice each strawberry in half. Place one chocolate chip in between two berry halves to symbolize how Christ's blood covers our sin.
toothpicks: use two toothpicks per berry/chocolate chip combo to stick the berry pieces together. Insert them so they will look like a cross to remind us of how Jesus' suffered and died for us
white chocolate: dip the assembled treat in white chocolate to remind us that not only does God remove our sins, but He makes us clean again.

Note: most white chocolate contains hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils in the ingredients. If you like to avoid this, I found that Lindt makes a white chocolate/coconut bar that is very yummy.

Enjoy! This may even be a fun way of sharing Jesus' story with those who don't know Him yet.

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