Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This past weekend my husband and I were blessed to attend Family Life's "A Weekend to Remember" marriage conference. Attending a couple's conference is something I've wanted to do for a long time and God made it clear in many ways that this was an opportunity He was giving us.

our wedding day
Our marriage has been a pure gift from God - one that He has blessed in so many ways. The biggest gift of all has been drawing us both to Him and encouraging us to seek Him as the foundation of our life together because when we were first dating He certainly was not even in the picture. You can read more about my journey to Christ here.

The point which struck home the most with me was the concept of oneness (which I'm totally chuckling about at this moment because God just nudged me in reminder the theme of "one" was part of David's marriage vows to me. insert sigh of adoration). A reminder we can either grow together in our marriage or we can grow apart. A caution that extramarital affairs are not just with another adult. An extramarital affair is anything which draws you away from your spouse and toward isolation from one another...children, career, activities, hobbies, friends, other family members...Things which may look good on the surface, things our culture even applauds. But ones which have taken precedence over your spouse.

My prayer for our next decade of marriage (and hopefully well beyond), is for my husband and I to be on guard against anything which would draw us away from one another. For God to give us the courage to "just say no" if we spot something which begins to take priority over our commitment to one another.

Regardless of how strong or how in trouble your marriage may be, or if you are engaged to be married and desire to begin your life together on Christ's solid foundation, go to Family Life's website and see when the next "A Weekend to Remember" is coming to your area. If you and your spouse/finance(e) would like to go, you can save 50% off the conference cost by registering through the group page my husband and I set up.

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