Wednesday, March 2, 2011

silly but serious prayer request

So here's one I bet you haven't heard before...
I had to go to my fingerprinting appointment yesterday which is part of the process in becoming a citizen. The gentleman doing the printing looks at my hands and says something like, "Oh dear." Pause. "These are very dry." I think I kind of giggled because I thought he was being sympathetic to the condition of my poor overworked hands. He asked me what I do (for a living). "Take care of four children," I say.

Then he gives me some solution of some sort to thoroughly rub into all my fingers. Which I did while think maybe they just need a little more oily stuff on your skin to get a good print. Oily stuff on, he starts the printing process.

As he's almost done with one hand he begins to tell me the FBI will most likely reject my fingerprints and I have two choices. One is have him submit the fingerprints, most likely have them rejected and wait a couple months to get printed again which will delay the process. My second option - and he said this would be the hardest one - is to not wash dishes or use soap and to rub petroleum jelly on my hands 10-15 times per day and especially before bed!

I chose option two. Of course I let Mr. Fingerprinter know that I would indeed have to wash my hands at some point because I change poopy diapers. He conceded this point and advised me to make sure I put on the petroleum jelly following any hand washing. He also gave me some gloves to use while washing dishes. I'm thinking of writing to the naturalization people and suggesting they let people know about "dry hand condition" and how it can lead to fingerprint rejection

So here's my prayer request:
I have two weeks in which to grow back the ridges on my fingerprints so that the FBI will accept them. Of particular concern are a couple areas on the sides of each finger that seem to have lost their ridges altogether and which must be there to help with identification. As I've now scrutinized my hands many times since yesterday afternoon, there are many lines running through my prints. Please pray that all my fingers would print clearly and that the FBI will accept them. In doing a quick googling of this problem, it looks like I have two shots at this and then would have to go to our local police station to get police clearance (which will delay the process). I'm thankful that we can go to God with all sorts of prayers and petitions and that He can grow back fingerprints that have faded. :)

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