Monday, April 18, 2011

swimbikerun panic

I had a moment of panic this morning when my initial plans for working out were foiled by a case of the sniffles for Ben. Immediately, I was overwhelmed by thoughts of "there's no way you can possibly do this," "you'll never get all the training in to complete the race" and, "you might as well give up now so you don't waste your time over the next few months." For a moment, I gave in to the enemy's lies and tried not to give in to a full wave of tears of frustration.

It probably didn't help that yesterday my husband was able to show me (and describe in detail) just what I could expect on the biking part of the course. Originally, I was thinking the bike portion would be the least daunting of the three disciplines. After seeing the amount of uphill and knowing the wind off the lake can blow something fierce, suddenly I'm not so sure.

Then God stepped in and again, gently reminded me, that this whole race is not about what I can do, or think I can do, in my own strength. It is about learning to trust Him to see me through it.

Somehow, I think a good portion of this training will be about learning to lean on God and discovering that He know how much I need to train and when and how and where. And reminding me that He'll send the help I need. Like today, when my mom was able to watch the boys so I could go for a run. 

Here's something else I discovered today to add to the pre-race day to-do list: cut my toenails. I don't know why writing that feels kinda gross. It's a reality we all live with. Anyway, with so much on the go, I tend to neglect this a little in the winter when my toes are sheathed in two layers of socks. Bad idea when you're running and the friction causes your toes to rub against one another. Maybe that's why someone invented FiveFinger(R) shoes.

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