Thursday, May 26, 2011

book ends

One of Ben's favorite books lately has been "Baby Beluga." I enjoy reading it to him because it brings back many happy memories of listening and dancing to Raffi records on our Fisher-Price record player when I was growing up. I enjoy it, except for this:

And this.

Every time I sing-read this book to him, I get creeped out because I keep thinking that what those polar bears are really thinking is they'd really like to eat Baby Beluga. If you know the song, you can picture the bears' little ditty: "We like to eat you." The second picture is especially disturbing because it looks like the momma polar bear is licking her chops (upon studying the picture a little closer, it's actually the baby polar bear's ear).

This is all tongue-in-cheek, of course. But have any of you have had a similar experience when reading a particular book to your child?

In case you haven't been introduced to Raffi, here's a video of the Baby Beluga song (his other songs are great too and I love the simplicity and charm of his albums - I would totally go to a Raffi concert, with or without my kids ;) if he still performed in concert).

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