Monday, May 9, 2011

gifting love

One of the things I used to love doing was spending time thinking the perfect gift to give for a birthday or Christmas and creatively packaging it up. I especially went all out at Christmas and would even hold off putting on the gift tags until just before the gifts would be opened to keep the suspense up.

Then as we quickly grew our family to four children in just under six years, suddenly my planning and creating time became drastically reduced. And I hate the scramble that comes with realizing we're days away from the event and I need to find something to give and hope I have a not-too-crumpled or wrong-for-the occasion gift bag and tissue paper. For me, gift giving is about looking into a person's heart and choosing something that is just right for them. When I rush it or don't think the gift and packaging through, I feel a piece is missing from the gift. Perhaps they don't see it. But I do.

So I'm attempting to recommit myself to thoughtful gift-giving. This weekend I was challenged to come up with two gifts - one for a birthday party Luke was going to and the other for Mother's Day (I completely missed the boat on my brother-in-law's gift..grrr).

For the birthday gift, Luke selected a Care Bears coloring book, and I found this waterbottle craft (practical and fun!). Instead of traditional gift bag...I jazzed up a straw bag ($2.50 at Target):

To put the finishing touches on it I used the wallflower (to replace using tissue paper) and ruffle steamers tutorials from Dana's blog and painted a simple gift tag. Here's how it looked all put together:

Gifting time/special things to do together is one of my favorite things to give - it doesn't wear out or break and it's one of those things we always want more of but never have enough of. For my mom, I gifted a mother/daughter/granddaughter hike followed by high tea. Here's how I packaged the gift card:

Note: I also used the ruffle streamers technique to create the ruffle flowers for these gifts.

What are your favorite types of gifts to give? Do you have a special or favorite ways of packaging the gifts? Please feel free to share in the comments section. And happy gifting!

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