Saturday, May 14, 2011

He whispers: remember me

I first came across the idea of creating a memorial to the Lord while reading the blog, "A Place Called Simplicity" where Lynn does a weekly, "Memorial Box Monday" feature.

If you read chapter four in the book of Joshua, God instructs Joshua to have a representative from each of the 12 tribes pick up a large stone from the middle of the Jordan river (God had again created a dry path through water so His people could cross safely through to the other side). The context of this story is the Israelites have just completed their 40-year stay in the desert and are on the verge of entering the Promised Land. They are getting ready to take down Jericho - a barrier to their entrance into their inheritance.

Twelve men pick up 12 stones from the riverbed and put them down in their camp. God asks them to do this as a memorial so that when their children ask, "What are those rocks doing there?" they can tell them the story of God's miracles, His faithfulness and His holiness.

Anyway, the idea of creating a memorial of the things God has done in my life has been rattling around my brain for awhile trying to come up with what the memorial would look like. I finally settled on creating a photo book, maybe even one for every year so that through the years, we can look back at the pictures and read the stories and be reminded of what God has done for our family. Though I'd like to think I'll always remember those moments, both large and small, I know I've already forgotten much of what He's done for us.

One of my entries will be for what He did for me yesterday:
I'd been on the hunt for a pair of black sandals for a year and my most recent attempt to find something at the Salvation Army store - one of my favorite places to shop - turned up nothing that would work. (I could just walk into a store and pay for a brand new pair, but I enjoy the challenge of finding like-new items at resale stores and garage sales for a fraction of the cost). Then yesterday, my best friend, stops by on her way out of town to drop off a pair of :

Yep. Black sandals in my size and so comfortable. She told me they had been sitting at her house for a while and every time she looked at them, she felt like she should give them to me. (Amy has a close relationship with the Lord and is a prayer warrior. :) )

Isn't that crazy? That God tells me in His Word not to worry about being clothed because He will clothe me. And then He shows me He is faithful by taking care of my feet and having a pair of perfect-for-me sandals delivered to my door.

And the best part is, these promises are for everyone who takes Him at His Word. He doesn't always answer "yes," He doesn't always answer when we want Him to, He often doesn't answer in the way we expect. But He does answer, He does provide and He is faithful to His Word.

Can you think of an example of when God has shown Himself faithful in your life? Think about sharing it with someone and writing it down - here in the comment section, in whatever electronic way you communicate, in a journal, in a letter. It can be the start of your memorial to the Lord.

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