Wednesday, May 11, 2011

He fills my mouth with laughter

In this post, I commented on how easily kids remember lines from their favorite movies. "Up" has been the kids' current favorite and the boys have laughed themselves silly in the past couple weeks with their favorite quotes from the film. Last night was no exception...

At Brianna's dance recital Reese and Luke needed to visit the "loo" so I took them to the ladies' bathroom. Luke finished first and stood outside the door to Reese's stall. Out of the blue, he says, "I can smell you." (This is a quote from the movie).

I started cracking up, which made Luke laugh harder and repeat the line. Several times. With other ladies in the bathroom (who I hope found our laughing endearing rather than thinking we revealed in rude humor). It still cracks me up.

The funniest part is that Luke has no idea how perfect the line was for the bathroom (I asked him, and in his child-innocence, he was just quoting another of his favorites from a movie he enjoys) and funny because there was no smell at all.

In case you haven't seen the movie yet, here's a youtube clip of the scene. The line is within the first 45 seconds of the clip. The rest of the movie is worth watching as well and has a great message.

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