Tuesday, May 10, 2011

zoo much fun!

Yesterday, we headed to the zoo for some animal adventures and to check out the new elephant exhibit and visit some old favorites. Ben, confined to a stroller most of the time, was not a happy camper. He wanted to get out and run with his sister and brothers, but until I buy or make a harness for him (I saw several kids with this accessory yesterday), he's going to be tooling around in his stroller...for my sanity. :)

conflicting body language: what does Reese  really think of the Meercat exhibit?
touching a snake - last time these two helped hold a python!
here comes an elephant
My mom with Brie and Tim and Jack (my sister's family)
Ben's first train ride
This next series of photos are my favorite of the day:

"This turtle is...
...really. slippery"...
..."There! I think I got it."
"My brother cracks me up!"

"Now this is how you tame a plastic turtle:"

BTW...Reese chose this wardrobe especially for this trip. He referred to them as his "zoo clothes" (maybe because of the animals printed on them?) An outfit for every occasion.

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