Wednesday, May 4, 2011


...I piled the kids into a shopping cart at Target and wheeled around gathering items for some party decorations, things to tuck in a birthday gift and loaded up on a few essentials

...we headed to the Nature Center to beat the rainy weather blues

....I laughed at the goodness of God when He helped us find our way to the Nature Center after a "road closed" sign (and no posted detour signs!) caused us to alter our route and guess our way there. I just "happened" to turn onto the one other road that goes right past the Center...Shepherd's Hill Lane!

...we enjoyed finding turtles, snakes, fish and crickets, pressed buttons on a light up map, crawled through a tunnel and into a kid-sized tortoise shell (the kids did these things :)), watched the river run under the lookout deck, savored maple sugar candies, played with puzzles, ran along the trails outside the center

...I laughed as I turned around to discover Ben sitting in a mud puddle because it looked like he deliberately chose to sit there

...the kids made new friends with children who are moving next door to us

...rejoiced at the return of the sun - it seems like ages since we've seen blue sky

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