Tuesday, July 5, 2011

red, white and blue firsts

First Fourth as an American citizen. Hooray!

First time walking in a parade. The story: Earlier this year, my husband earned the privilege of filling a vacant seat on city council for our ward and last week received endorsement for his candidacy in the upcoming election. The endorsement meant we were invited to walk in the parade.
Ben got to ride in high style

...and so did Dave

(just kidding) the wheels really belong to this guy

waiting for the parade to start

Brie promptly burst into tears at the news. When queried about what was wrong, she cried, "But then we won't be able to get any candy!" I dryly reminded her I don't let her eat more than a few pieces of the candy anyway. As it turned out, she enjoyed passing out candy to the children along the route and did manage to collect a few pieces for herself when we completed the route. ;)

strawberry shortcake for dessert - yum!
 One of Brianna's friends, who has longed to be in a parade, joined us and told me after the parade that "Being in the parade was even better than watching it because we already have a lot of candy at home and I needed the exercise too." I LOVE when children provide such an adult perspective on an event!

The remainder of the day we set aside for resting, preparing  food for dinner, and gathering together as a family. (No fireworks for us this year:  2 exhausted parents + 4 young children = experiencing the show from a window which really is not the same thing. I (half jokingly) told Dave we could pull up a fireworks show on You Tube, but he wasn't buying it.
First year completed without my grandmother - my Dad's mum. Last year on the Fourth, just before heading to church, we received a call from my aunt to let us know my grandmother ("Nan") had finally joined my grandpa in heaven. It was a peaceful passing with no indication of stress or trauma. Needless to say, plans for parades, fireworks and celebrations of any sort quickly faded into the background of grief. Yet there was joy, because we knew she believed in Jesus as her Lord and many of us felt a peace and indescribable happiness that she was at rest and fully restored in Christ. I miss you Nan - we were blessed to have you with us as long as we did.
At her 90th birthday with her grandchildren

...and with her 8 great-grandchildren (and more on the way)

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