Tuesday, October 4, 2011

rain or shine

My children often ask me, "Why does it have to rain today?"

"Because God decided we needed it to rain," is often my response. Though, I often wonder the same thing myself. After all, our area already has surpassed its average annual rainfall (AAR) three months before the year ends. And I've tried "reminding" God in my prayers that there are many areas in His world which could use our extra rain. I'd even settle for a little less than our AAR if it meant the easing of drought for starving nations.

But since His thoughts are not mine and His ways are higher than my own, I trust that He knows what He is doing. After all, He is piecing together this tapestry and I am only one thread.

What I have noticed is how much more I appreciate the warmth of the sun when I've gone without (we've just come out of a spell of cold, rainy weather). I am more apt to thank God deeply for the rays He pours down upon us and to drink in the sun, storing up the warmth for the darker, colder days which lay ahead.

I've also realized how my moods are affected by the weather. And while it is easier to be cheerful on a sunny day, I want to experience contentment and joy in any circumstance and whatever the weather. Which brings me back to resting in God alone. And that is always the best place to be. Rain or shine.

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