Thursday, November 10, 2011

3 gifts on Thursday (new series)

I have a gift for you.

Three gifts, really.

Every Thursday.

Weekly they will differ. Some will be for your heart. Some to uplift your spirit. And some may be a few links or resources I want to share. A few will be tangible..ones you can hold in your hands. The gifts may come in the form of tips to freshen your life. Or they may offer you ways to help others and experience the joy of giving and serving.

But what ever these weekly three gifts may be, they are given with joy.

So here you go...I hope you enjoy opening them.


 Gift of Serving
1. The Happy Day Project
I just learned about this yesterday and it's exactly what God has been laying on my heart lately. Although the project started this week, I'll be praying about how it can shape our days in the week(s) to come. Check out Joy's blog, one of the Happy hosts. :)

Gift of Gifting
2. KoJo Designs is hosting a series on gifts for guys.
Yeah! This always is a challenge for me because I like to get more creative than a gift card, so I'll be tucking ideas away for future use. Here is the fruit of one of the gift idea I came up with for my dad back in September. Oh...and the best part is the giveaways for a number of guy-geared items.

Gift of Awareness
3. Delicate Fortress Creations

There's no light or easy way to share about the issue Karen addresses through Delicate Fortress Creations (DFC). The Lord has made her a warrior in the fight against human trafficking - it's modern day slavery and particularly targets women and children. DFC raises money and awareness for this issue through their store. Check on the blog to learn more about this issue and to see an example of a new artisan group they are working with.

A little extra gift
To celebrate the start of this series, I'm tucking in something a little extra...10% all items in my shop which will be good now through Wednesday, November 16, 2011. To redeem your coupon, please enter the following into the coupon code section: 3giftsthursday.

If you have a "gift" you'd like me to consider wrapping into a 3 Gifts on Thursday package, please email me the details. It can be anything you are hosting or have heard about: from a giveaways to service projects, household/parenting tips, resources, promotions/coupon codes, items such as books, music, movies, etc (ones available for purchase online). If I choose to incorporate your gift suggestion into a 3 Gifts post, I will email you to let you know when it will be featured.

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