Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3 gifts on thursday

***If you previously tried to download the "Immanuel" letters and got only the first page, I corrected the mistake. Here's the link to the revised document. If, for some reason, it still does not work, please email me and I can send you the document that way.***

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1.Gift of Tradition

In a week of sharing about traditions (see this post and this one), I wanted to share my favorite tradition for this time of year: The Jesse Tree. The tradition gets its roots in Scripture from Isaiah 11:1 and usually involves reading highlights of the Bible from Genesis through the Nativity stories in the season of Advent. To simplify, we do our readings December 1-25. I like saves brain cells. ;) As you read each story, an ornament or picture is hung on your Jesse tree (or branch) symbolizing the story's significance. A couple of years ago, I modified this and made 25 paper cones and filled each with candy. The idea was for the kids to enjoy their candy (and reduce the wiggles) during our readings and remind them that, while the candy is sweet, God's word is sweeter.

For subscribed readers of Ann Voskamp's blog, you can receive a PDF of a Jesse Tree devotional and ornaments. Please see this post on her blog for details. Or, here is a link to one we enjoyed doing a couple of years ago.

2. Gift of a Giveaway
Through Courtney's blog, I found out about this giveaway which will happen tomorrow at Simple Living Media (actually it's five giveaways in one day!). They hosted two other giveaways this week, featured 5 charities on Tuesday and are hosting a q&a party today.

3. Gift of a Printable
I love thinking of ways to creatively have Scripture displayed throughout our home - it feels like we are soaking our rooms in the Word. I was inspired by this banner to think up a word to capture the spirit of this season. "Immanuel"- God with us came to mind along with the opening verses of John's Gospel which are among my favorite Words.

The result of this brainstorm? A printable to share with you. It features the letters in Immanuel and, within each letter, Scripture from Isaiah, Jeremiah, Luke and John in the NIV 1984 version. Here is a link to the letters on my scribd account. For personal use only please. :)

Use this as you feel a banner, in a card, on a wreath (my plan for them - I'll share when it's complete) or however your creative mood strikes. My only request is that you prayerfully consider how to use them. While this is a way to imitate the creativity of our Creator, it also is His sacred Word (which is why I just didn't photocopy pages of the Bible and cut into them - the words are spaced to avoid being spliced apart).

If you use these letters, I would love for you to share a picture of the results with us. If you blog and post about it, please leave a link in the comment section so we can all see what you did. Or, email me.

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Jan said...

I love this idea. When I went to download it though, there were only the first three letters of the word. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks & Merry Christmas!

epondelik said...

Awesome! Your Jesse Tree was the inspiration for ours last year. What a wonderful way to draw the focus back towards Christ. I'm looking forward to Esther's deeper understanding this year. :)

The Remodeled Life said...

I love your Jesse Tree, such a great idea for families! I'm all about scripture in the house too, your letters are awesome! Hope you are doing well Andrea!