Saturday, November 12, 2011

and the gift theme continues...

When I was preparing for a craft show back in October, I put together several packages of "fabric ribbon."

The idea came to me when, earlier this year, I helped with a clean up at a local beach. As I picked up the garbage I noticed many bits of plastic-type ribbon (the kind used to give the extra flourish in gift wrap). Since most of it was green & red, I guessed these remnants were from Christmas gifts. The ribbon-destined-for-the-garbage-dump didn't seem like a very honorable way to recognize Christ's birth.

That thought, combined with the ever-growing mountain of narrow fabric pieces from my sewing projects prompted me to put together these packages.

I finally listed these two items on my etsy shop today...just in time for the great gift-giving season. (However, these also are great for scrapbooks, homemade cards and other craft projects, as party decor (see this idea at KoJo Designs) and in the garden (a colorful way to tie up your tomatoes).

I also wanted to make them extra special by packaging them with recycled materials to fit with the theme. I decided to wrap the fabric ribbon around recycled cardboard boxes (e.g. from cereal) and glued on watercolor pictures the kids had done. The artwork of the birds and nest on the tags was done by me. :)

And a reminder that you can still save10% off all items in my shop through Wednesday, November 16, 2011. To redeem your coupon, please enter the following into the coupon code section: 3giftsthursday. It's an extra little gift for you. :)

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