Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the Lord knew

Earlier this year I shared a little about becoming an American citizen.

Yesterday, I voted in an election for the first time in my life. It just so happens the Lord chose this exact time for a joyful I would have the privilege of voting for my husband to retain his spot on City Council for our ward.

Only He knew Dave would be appointed earlier this year as councilman - the same year my residency status was up for renewal. He knew I would need to choose citizenship and He whispered this to me back in August of last year.

It is with great joy that I share this you because...he won!

We found out at 4 a.m. this morning. We celebrated the Lord's will being done, regardless of the results, last night over frozen yogurt at Menchies (although we all were hoping he would be chosen to represent our Ward).

And now I'm glad we were celebrating Dave's retainment. :)

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PrairieJenn said...

Congratulations! Isn't God's infinite wisdom amazing...the fact that he cares for and is in control of every little aspect of our lives?!? If we would just see that and yield to him in all things!