Wednesday, December 21, 2011

on the wings of peace: a printable

In case you are looking for one last little something to give this Christmas and if, like me, the desire for peace within and without beats strong, then I hope you will enjoy this printable and craft idea.

To make the garland:
  • Visit my scribd page for the download and print. I suggest 2 copies.
  • Cut out the doves (the image was from the Microsoft Clip Gallery). Cut around the outer most edge - it will leave you with one side pure white as pictured above and one with the gray lines showing.
  • Punch two small holes in the doves' wings about 1" from the wing tip, or in the first ruffle of the wing
  • Thread the doves on the medium of your choice - I used raffia, but satin ribbon also would be pretty.

Individually, the doves also would make pretty gift tags or in a card and tucked in a small sack, they make a lovely gift...

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