Friday, December 30, 2011

photo journal: 2011 in pictures

The older I get, the faster time flies and the more I forget much of what happened in the previous 365 days. Which makes it all the more fun to go back and pick one picture from each month to capture "what we were doing when..." I did this last year on my other, now-private-rarely-updated family blog and found it gave me pause for reflection and a second chance to celebrate what God gifted us in one year.


epic sled hill

happened 2 minutes after getting to my parents house on Super Bowl Sunday
courtesy of Reese...I often find these types of pictures on my camera ;)

someone turned 6 and celebrated by trying out his new stomp rocket

I became a citizen AND registered voter :)


Ben turned two and got some new wheels with a handy push handle for D & I

getting ready to march in the 4th of July parade - a first for us

Isaac & Luke at Goderich - so hard to pick a favorite from this vacation!
our traditional trip to a county fair

my favorite picture of Brie with my sister and nephew at a new park we discovered

our hike where Luke lost his shoe in the mud

the family tree and a Christmas Eve-day walk

Farewell 2011!

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Jenn said...

How fun! I enjoyed all your beautiful photos:) The one of the peanut butter made me laugh- looks like some of the pictures my girls have taken. I keep thinking I'll do a post of all the unusual photos that have shown up on my camera:)