Friday, December 16, 2011

soaking and sowing

It appears we've arrived at the end of our Reap to Sow discussions. Sniffle.

I've so enjoyed the past couple of months, especially being able to work alongside Courtney in the harvesting and planting of what we learned from the book. Which is why I couldn't bear to just end it here...and because the concluding chapter of the book is just as rich as the previous 20.

Sooo...please come back here on Monday for a special wrap up post and because Courtney and I have a little gift for those of you who've have worked the fields of these pages with us.

Here's a sneak peek:

Now on to sowing from Chapters19 & 20. (To read what I reaped from these chapters, please see Monday's post. For a link to previous discussions, please click here.)

Chapter 19
I love the "Do" Power Point of this chapter - an invitation to soak in God's love. It's something I have a hard time receiving. In my head I know that God loves me, but often that knowledge gets stuck up there in my head and has a hard time trickling down into my heart. It's an area God's working on with me. And here's something He's using to help me get at that heart knowledge:

Chapter 20
I'm working on the "Choose" and "Do" Power Points - getting to the heart of the matter and helping them understand the "3 D's" (I thought of a fourth "D" too...Discontent).

Yesterday, the Lord provided a perfect opportunity for me to put the "Choose" point into practice. Brianna was complaining about the impending dentist's appointment that morning and resisted getting out of bed. Usually I take a no nonsense approach of "you're going and that's final," but the words of this chapter came back to me so instead I sat down and talked with her about why she didn't want to go. I'm not sure if it made a difference or not - she still did not want to go, but maybe it was a kernel of a beginning...something the size of a mustard seed...and you know what Jesus says we can do with something like that.

How about you? What Power Points are you working on? If you watched the above video, how did it speak to your heart?

(BTW...if you like the message on the video, it's from Jonathan David Helser's album, "Awakening," which also is available through itunes. Just listening to snippets from this CD ushered me into God's presence)

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Courtney said...

This has been such a lesson-filled journey. Thanks for all your beautiful words and artwork, Andrea! Can't wait until Monday . . .