Friday, April 20, 2012

3 gifts on thursday (on friday)

Sunday is Earth Day, so I thought it only appropriate to have "green" gifts this week.

For previous 3 Gifts installments, click here. If you would like to have a "gift" featured in this series, please see the bottom of this post for details.

1. the gift of buying organic
Organic food is healthier for you and for the earth. It tastes better too. (If you haven't tried the organic difference already, choose at least one organic fruit or veg to buy for one month. After the month, try the non-oganic can almost taste the chemicals). Admittedly, until and unless organic becomes a way of life in our food production chain, organic produce can be a bit pricier. However, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) developed a list of 12 non-organic fruits and veggies, known as "the dirty dozen," which are known to have high pesticide contamination levels. Perhaps if enough people avoid buying these pesticide-laden foods, producers will switch to organic practices. :) The EWG also has a list of "the clean 15" so you can see which non-organic produce items have low pesticide levels present. I printed out this list and put it on my refrigerator so when I make my shopping list, I note which items I want to buy organic, and which I'm okay with buying "regular."

2. the gift of safer waste disposal
Reese helped me come up with this one - he learned it in school. :) In the past, I've always tossed used up batteries in the garbage without a second thought. Reese shared that it's better to create a "battery box," or whatever container is handy, and use it to collect the dead batteries. When the box is full take it to a local disposal facility so they can be recycled and made into new batteries. For more information on recycling batteries, visit this link.

3. the gift of a free green bag
Seventh Generation is running an offer to receive a free reusable tote. It's called the Lorax ChicoBag(R). To get the bags, you need to buy two specially tagged Seventh Generation laundry, cleaner or dish products, visit their site and enter the product codes and then they'll send you a bag.Target carries their line and I'm sure most health food stores selling household products will as well.

If you have a "gift" you'd like me to consider wrapping into a 3 Gifts on Thursday package, please email me the details. It can be anything you are hosting or have heard about: from a giveaways to service projects, household/parenting tips, resources, promotions/coupon codes, items such as books, music, movies, etc (ones available for purchase online). If I choose to incorporate your gift suggestion into a 3 Gifts post, I will email you to let you know when it will be featured.


Jenn said...

Thanks:) This is great!

kendal said...

i love the idea of youwrapping up gifts on thursdays! that's so cool!