Monday, April 16, 2012


Well, yesterday I finally found it when I was getting ready for church. My first gray hair. At least I think it's my first. Who knows, there could have been others hiding out long before this one.

I'd been wondering for awhile when I might make this discovery and it comes with a mixed bag of emotions.

Yes, I wanted to cry because it's a glaring reminder that I am getting older than what I feel. On any given day, ask me how old I am and I seriously have to think about it. I'll be 36 this year, but I only feel like I'm approaching 30 (and a few weeks ago I was asked if I was of drinking age!).

Yet, if I take God at His Word, these soon-to-be multiplying gray hairs (or albinos as Dave prefers to call them), will give me a crown of splendor and are an indication that I'm leading a righteous life, which really is nothing to shed a few tears over. Stop by Proverb 16:31 to see it black and white.

I fully anticipate a struggle of "to dye or not to dye" to rise up within me, especially if I go all gray well before I feel ready to wear that crown. But perhaps that is the point. Perhaps God gives us this crown regardless of how we feel about it to test our faith. Are we standing on His Word and what He says or will we be swayed by the world?

So how do you see it? If you have gray hair, do you see it as a crown of splendor or something to cover up? Tell me the story of your splendorific discovery.

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Courtney said...

No gray hairs (yet) but I do feel the effects of aging on a more regular basis than I ever expected to in my mid-thirties! It is humbling, and perhaps a gentle reminder from God that I am made by him. That is a nice thought. :)

Anonymous said...

Many gray hairs and I love them as they are a part of me. I have never covered them up nor will I. I do consider them a "crown of splendor" because God has given each one to me for His glory. I got my first one when I was in high school and yanked it again and again over the years, but it was always just ONE! When they began foresting my head, I just left them. I have streaks of gray/white/silver hair along my face with patches in various corners around my head. They are mine and I accept, I live with, and I love each one. Just me @ 64! ~ linda