Saturday, April 14, 2012

if you love personalized artwork...

My youngest sister is seriously blessed with creative talent. Though you might say I'm kind of biased, I've always loved her unique style in the drawing department.

For Reese' 7th (and where did those seven years go?!) birthday, she drew him a Calvin & Hobbes-esque style cartoon for us to frame for his wall. Reesie Piece loves his Judah-lion given by his Aunt Amy for his birth-day and through his love of reading, he's discovered an affinity for Calvin & Hobbes cartoons. Hence this:

was a perfect gift for him.

Here are some of my other favorites she's done and posted on her blog.

If you like this style and are looking for a unique and personalized gift for someone (or for yourself), you can contact Lauren through her blog.

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