Wednesday, April 11, 2012


As I suspected, re-balancing life with the computer back in it, is more challenging than cutting it out altogether.

Without the computer, my choices of how to spend my free time were pared down to praying, reading, sewing, a home improvement project which I'll share more on in a future post, and the occasional workout. Now, I still want to do all those things, plus add in the menu of options the computer brings with it. I often bemoan that God designed me to need 8 hours of sleep to feel rested. Only sleeping four hours a night would allow me to get so. much. more. done. And would leave me leaning less on Him and prayerfully discerning how best to spend the time He gives me.

All this to say I'm not sure how much I will post over the next several months and especially when our children are on summer vacation. I'd like to think it will be more than once a week, yet my prayer for this blog is that it reflects what God is doing in my heart and my life. So perhaps some weeks I'll post often when the words well up within and must be spilled over in a river of black and white, while others will be quiet while I tend to other pieces of life important and dear to Him and to me.

For now, this week may be more quiet - with Brianna and Reese at home my focus is called elsewhere, but I am treasuring up in my heart what I want to share here.

Until the next post...

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Jen Ferguson said...

It's a daily process -- this blogging thing, isn't it. There have been weeks when I've forced words. There have been weeks when I think I won't blog at all, but then, as you say, the words well up. And then there are weeks when I am so tired (like this week) and I don't force and I don't write and I rest (tomorrow) :).