Thursday, May 10, 2012

3 gifts on thursday

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1. the gift of entering to win
I read about this Healthy Kids Sweepstakes in Delicious Living magazine. A prize pack of healthy items...yes, please! All you need to do is go here and fill out your info. Easy Peasy. Don't wait too are picked the first week of June, and you know how time flies...

2. the gift of DIY blog buttons
Ever since Courtney and I did the first Reap to Sow series, I wanted to figure out how to do a blog button. Why I didn't google how back in the Fall I'll chalk up to sheer procrastinating. But now that Courtney and I are gearing up for the next R2S installment...details coming next week...I thought it high time to move that pot to the front burner. So I googled and found this ehow article on how to do your own blog button. As you can now see on the right side of my blog, I created a button for the new "going plant strong" series I'm doing on Wednesdays. Happy button creating!

3. the gift of a good magazine
I love Organic Gardening Magazine. I've both subscribed and borrowed copies from the library. It's always full of great tips, beautiful pictures and fun articles and I'm hoping to try out this tutorial for a raised bed garden.

If you have a "gift" you'd like me to consider wrapping into a 3 Gifts on Thursday package, please email me the details. It can be anything you are hosting or have heard about: from a giveaways to service projects, household/parenting tips, resources, promotions/coupon codes, items such as books, music, movies, etc (ones available for purchase online). If I choose to incorporate your gift suggestion into a 3 Gifts post, I will email you to let you know when it will be featured.

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