Saturday, May 12, 2012

just one of life's little lessons

Today Ben discovered something...apparently unpopped and partially popped popcorn kernels are the perfect size for sticking up a nose. And putting one up each nostril is okay, but when you try to stick a second kernel where one already is present, then it starts to become a little uncomfortable.

And when you let your parents know there's something up there that's bothersome and doesn't belong there, they're going to do their best to get it out. Even if it means holding you down while you thrash to get loose and then using tweezers to dislodge the partially popped kernel jammed the furthest up there.

And today Dave and I learned that although 75% of our children have made it past the age of five (and maybe the start of reason?) without sticking anything up their nose (other than their fingers...ahem), we can't assume the fourth quarter of our quartet will follow suit. And that it's best to monitor all popcorn eating. And that having medical tweezers on hand just might be a staple in any home with children.

Just one of life's little lessons. :)

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