Thursday, May 24, 2012

welcome to summer

If you've been visiting here for awhile, you'll notice I changed the blog header. By the calendar it's a little early, but the nudges in my spirit tell me to embrace the lengthier, leisurely days. Now. Because living by the rules of calendar and earthly time can be stiffing. Not always. But, at times.

So welcome to summer at Whispers in the Silence where things may be a little quieter than usual to leave room for the trills of early birds and the crickets evening song. For the next several months I'm freeing myself of my self-imposed obligations to this blog and other things e-related. Because when I spend more time here, I miss what's going on out there. Like this...
And this...

And this is one space which usually stays tidy even I'm not attending to it. My house? Not so much.

Will I post at all? I hope so because I do love to write. But I think I leave the time and place up to the Lord. At the very least it will be interesting to see what He has in store.

And Reap to Sow? Well..."Grace for the Good Girl," by Emily Freeman was the winner in our poll. But, as God would have it, Courtney and I also found out through a good friend that Emily herself is leading a summer book discussion on "Grace" and really who could top that? So, if you were looking forward to doing "Grace for the Good Girl" with us, we hope that instead you will enjoy going through the book with Emily (stay tuned to her blog for discussion details). I think this is God's grace for Courtney and I - He's spoken to both of us about stepping back from online life. So we will look to the fall again for the next Reap to Sow.

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Jenn said...

Blessings to you this summer! Enjoy your time with family:)