Monday, July 30, 2012

dancing on key

Yesterday you danced with abandon on black and white keys, inspired by what you saw in this:
It inspired me to. I didn't want the music to stop. I wanted to soar with it to heaven's realm and sit in worship at the feet of God. 
I pray you will always be captured by the beauty God shines into your life. That you will dance on the paths He makes firm beneath your feet. I pray too that my rather firm rebuke to not stand on the piano keys while plucking at the strings, will not inhibit your quest to express the beautiful desires He places in your heart. 
So how do we react when our children's overflow of their heart clash with our parent-thoughts on what is allowed or acceptable? I wrestle with this often. Like yesterday when I caught Brianna playing the piano with her feet, knowing she was inspired by the above video. Or when Reese drew (very good) pictures of his favorite superheros and wrote the alphabet in crayon on freshly painted walls. He thought they needed a little something, though I rather liked the simplicity of blue and cream walls. Or when the kids use our tools, lumber, tomato cages, etc. to build traps to catch the bad guys or build forts with them or imagine themselves into a great drama. John Eldredge writes of these things. I don't have the answer right now. Someday perhaps I will. But what I do know, is that when we stifle these desires completely, we smother the creative spark our Creator God placed in us. Have you wisdom on this subject? Have you learned how to fan the spark God placed in your child into a flame? Have you gone through your own time of stifling it within yourself and have learned how to let it spring back to life once more? Please share, we'd love to listen.

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kendal said...

now that my boys are big and one is even only one year from leaving this nest, i am DELIGHTED to have their names etched in the deck railing and notes like, "this is hank's closet and jack is never ever allowed in here" written on the floor of the upstairs even if it's not a treasure now, someday it will be? i would be tempted to photograph those superhero drawings and then clean it!

Lisa Lewis Koster said...

We're still finding tools in the woods from the boys building their forts. As one who had all her creativity squealched early on, I think it's important to say "yes" as often as you can. Children need to be respectful and responsible, but it's also important for them to develop the gifts God has given them.