Thursday, July 5, 2012

the hallelujah rain

A land parched, dry throat cracking, begging water.

Don't toss your lit cigarettes; fire hazard, proclaim the signs.

Dry, hot spell. Pressure mounting. Grey clouds swell.

And we beg for relief.

Wind stirs, approaching black, promising liquid.
They threaten to pass us by, and will we miss the mercy?

It's a hallelujah rain.

A rain driven to quench. A thunderous beat, pounding it's desire to reach home.
It's God coming to rescue with us with Living Water.
And will there be a rainbow?

Always. It's His promise. And His Promise.

Praying for all those awaiting mercy, be it in the fall of rain or the fall of God upon their hearts.

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Wendy @ E1A said...

Love the idea of "Hallelujah rain"... "Let it rain Lord, let it rain!"

Jenn said...

Absolutely beautiful, Andrea!

kendal said...

i love this. hallelujah rain. praying for some right now.