Wednesday, August 15, 2012


For one week we live community. Three cottages on a hill rimming beach and lake.
we arrive

I never tire of this view

Children ebbing and flowing between dwelling spaces.

we have a baseball team

Sharing meals. Sharing work. Freedom from routine responsibilities.

my "getting ready for Goderich" list
eating pizza in the car while I hunted for vegan fare in a grocery store

A time to relax. A time to breathe.

my husband's therapy

the only tools we need

For 51 weeks of the year we anticipate our return to the shores of Lake Huron. And in the years we've missed, we feel something is amiss.

This one week, a gleaming sapphire in a silver year setting, is a gift, God given.

Yet I had to fight to receive it this year - a year spent battling anxiety and overwhelm. It took two days for me to wake up without a knot in my stomach. It took conscious effort to look for the gifts each day, to learn to let go of expectations, to accept what is without question or desire to have it be anything else.

And I'm waking to the reality that I am in a dark valley season. This is not something I can fast forward through or change by changing my external circumstances. I've tried.
I write this because I wonder how many of us battle this same condition...this living in a state of anxiety, worry, overwhelm. It's not a fun state to live in and I wouldn't choose to move there, but I suspect it's how God is setting me free from all that hinders my walk with Him. And that is a good place to be.

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Amy Sullivan said...

Beauty splashed all over this post.

Jenn said...

Praying for peace for you!