Friday, August 24, 2012


Oh how this theme speaks to me...join.

In my head I see it as: JOY IN

The is joy in joining in. Meeting together. Participating. Building community.

Joining with others who believe what I do and have a heart for many of the things I do has been laid deeply on my heart, especially in the past several months. I love that idea of community where there is a natural outpouring and overflow of the good stored up in our hearts.

I think it's easier to find this online. Just enter the key words on your heart and I'm positive it would lead to blogs, social media pages, websites etc. that fit your ideal community description.

Life outside the online that's trickier. After all we don't walk around with "tags" on our heads that speak our hearts and life theme so neatly.

If we did mine might say "Christ daughter" "mission-oriented" "advocate" "social justice" "organic" "crafter"


The cuckoo chimed my five minutes are up.

But one last thing...what tags might you wear which speak the community you seek?

happily joining with this fun five minute writing community:
Five Minute Friday


Dolly@Soulstops said...

Hi Andrea,

Your comment about walking around with "tags" on our head made me chuckle at the image. It's funny but my post took a similar tack as yours as far as community focus.

Hmm, my tag would also include "Christ daughter" "In Process" "Prayer" "Seeking God re: mission"

Linked up behind you at FMF...Nice to meet you :)

Mrs.Haggie810 said...

We would get along sportingly! I think we wear many of the same tags! I would probably also wear "quirky" "crunchy" and "best birth advocate." Nice to meet you! I love your header image! :D

joycannis said...

I love this and not just because my name is part of it ;)
Truly, I even love how you ended it by saying that the clock coo-cooed. Blessings to you my new found FMF friend.

Kaelynn Judd said...

This is lovely! My heart has been craving community in real life as well. My husband and I just joined a new church in hopes of finding some like minding believers to fellowship with. I guess part of the battle for me is that I am very young and I just had my first baby. All of my friends are still single and none of them have children. It is hard when you are in a different season of life than all of your friends. That can lead to a very lonely place.

If I was to wear tags of my head they would say:

"Addiction Recovery" "New Mom" "Organic Mommy" "Motherhood" "Depression"

I'm joining you from five minute friday this afternoon. If you want to read my post please go to the link below!

Anonymous said...

I think your tag would also include "writer." This post was both inspired and inspiring. Thanks for sharing it!

BARBIE said...

Visiting from the 5MF! I love this post. I've actually been thinking about tags recently, as I consider redoing the "about me" on my blog. I have been having a hard time getting in touch with what my heart is speaking. Thanks for a little creative start!