Wednesday, August 29, 2012

when you want to give a gift that never wears out

Ever since our children starting receiving party invitations, I’ve perched on a mental teeter-totter. It’s a gift giving one. To gift stuff. Teeter. Or not to gift stuff. Totter.

With every invite I agonized over the desire to provide a “cool” meaningful gift versus following my conviction that I was contributing to our culture of excess. Up until this year I leaned heavily to the teeter side. And then God stepped in with an answer...
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Please join me over at Amy Sullivan's today for the rest of this story. She graciously invited me to write a guest post on gifting experiences after I commented on this post she wrote.

And, if you've never met Amy before, stay awhile and click around her blog. She has a big heart for others and her posts inspire the servant heart to shine.

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Amy Sullivan said...

Lucky, lucky me for having talented, talented you hang over at my place.

Thanks, friend. Oh, and my kids' friends will be thanking you too!