Wednesday, September 26, 2012

plunging in

I've decided to take the plunge.

my mom snapped this on our family vacation :)

Monday I'm joining the 31 Days series I heard about at Emily's blog and write on one topic for the month of October.

One topic? Thirty-one days?!!!

That sounds just plain crazy. It's rare for me to post three days in a row much less thirty-one. And focusing on only one thing, well....this post briefly sums up my track record in that area.

So why join this challenge? Because I just can't help being drawn to it and its very overwhelmingness means I will need to look to God to keep me afloat. Perhaps it's even an answer to my prayer. And I've already brainstormed a topic in the 12 hours since deciding to plunge headfirst into the series...

Here's why I'm diving into love for October:
  • my dad is having heart surgery on October first and love is a matter of the heart -
  • it's a month filled with birthdays, including mine which I have love-hate relationship with
  • it's the month of my wedding anniversary and a family wedding and we are wedded to God in love
  • the theme for my MOPS group this year is "Plunge: love like your life depends on it"
  • I kinda think God's serious when He says love Him and love others as myself, so this is a personal challenge to learn what He means by these words
  • God has a lot to say about love which might help out immensely on the 31 days of consecutive writing thing

Would you like to dive too? If you blog, you can join the challenge itself or you can meet me here to immerse yourself with me in the waters of loving deeply for 31 days. And hopefully, beyond.

I'll do another post this week on my ideas and approach for 31 Days of Deep Love Diving. If you have any ideas or areas where you'd like to see yourself stretch and grow in this area of loving God and loving others, please leave a comment. Cause that also will help me come up with ideas for posts. ;)

one of our sponsor kids
@ loving others : One of the ways I hope to love other mothers as myself is to sponsor their children and provide opportunities for education, full bellies and extra clothes to wear in case of midnight messes. We sponsor children through World Vision. That's Diego on the left when he was about 2. He's the same age to the date as Reese. We're not the best sponsor parents especially when it comes to correspondence and praying for them, but we're trying to change that.  And you can find your own sponsor child by visiting here

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